Develop + Innovate for Social Change

Expanding the use of technology as a force for good.

Interdisciplinary Teams

We are an organization of Northwestern students of varied backgrounds, fields of study and interests. We believe the greatest ideas come from groups with wide perspectives, so we welcome all students with a passion for what we do.

Agents of Change

Our group may be diverse in individual identities, but we all share one thing: a desire to make a positive impact on the world. We work with our national organization, TechShift, to achieve this goal.

What we do


Our project teams tackle complex problems in the community by generating unique solutions.


Our studio works hand-in-hand with our community partners to develop a stronger understanding of the relationship between technology and social good.


Our groups work closely with their community partners fully understand their problem and to ensure that all constraints are met.


Our groups do not consider their work a success without implementing a final working product for their community partners.

Learn More

Are you passionate about what we do? Are you interested in getting involved? We would love to hear from you! Apply using the link above, or feel free to reach out to us through whichever medium you feel most comfortable using.